March 19, 2013

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Meet Andre J. a fashion forward outrageous cat living on what we all call planet earth. I came across this ferocious animal while browsing through some of LOOKBOOK's biggest fashion crazes. His style and creativity intrigued me to dig deeper into the world that he sees fashion through.

With vibrant colors and stand out pieces it's hard to overlook Mr. Judd passing you by. The way his outfits are paired together is almost as if we are looking at some kind of chameleon of some sort. Having bright pinks, neon greens, and the colors of the night amongst his bare skin Andre has achieved quiet the name for himself.

Former designer and contributing fashion editor it's no wonder Judd knows how to make a statement and be on top of the fashion polls. The patterns that Andre tends to use are some of which I myself couldn't pull off. Crazy floral patterns, unique shapes, and animal faces makes each look stand out on it's own with no hesitation that this is a no beginner at what is being done here and that's capturing "art" with a camera.

I personally couldn't imagine wearing such scandalous art in public but the thought of it makes me feel a bit naughty. Some of my favorite looks are White Couture, Chanel Chains, Scarf Print Bazzar, True Religion, Green Day, and Colorock. Those are only a few of my many favorites I have of Andre's personal style. If only my closet was as extravagant as his I too would rule the fashion world. I can't wait to see what Andre has in store for us in 2013!

Fashion is what you make of it so make the best of your style and stand out. Confidence leaves us with the ability to not see what others see in us, but to make others see what we want them to see. Go out there and take the world by it's nudeness and throw something fancy on while living free like a wild beast.

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