December 26, 2013


Well I finally did it! I passed my Cosmetology State Board exam. This is such a humbling moment in my life, I couldn't have done it without God and my fabulous friends.

November 11, 2013

A short film I created

The local fair

Finding inspiration

I recently viewed the Alibellus Spring/Summer 2014 men's fashion show this week, and was inspired to recreate the hair that the models wore in the show. The style itself was very sleek and clean. With my inner stylist I decided to play around, and I think it came out perfect. Pictures up soon!

October 22, 2013

This song is stuck in my head

The end has come

Today was my last day at The Salon Professional Academy, and the moment was bittersweet. This program has completely transformed me into a talented artist. The memories I made along this journey will forever be kept dear to my heart. This has been such a humbling experience that was challenging at some points but I pushed through the many obstacles, and overcame them fiercely. These floors will always be fashion runways while we walk. Our brushes will continue to be microphones while we sing along to the music. Mirrors will still catch the many selfies we post on Instagram, hash-tag TSPA Melbourne. The students will always be bored and hide in certain spots. There will always be a new set of fabulous twins. The color black becomes unbearable to look at. Starbucks will always be the drink of choice. Mall walkers will always yell at us because it's to early to walk fast. The break room will keep it's ears open to the gossip. Clocking in and out on our breaks will always be a lie because no one really follows that rule, and we always kill our lungs in the smoking area with the God awful smell of garbage. TSPA is in my heart forever.

   XO Lexi

September 25, 2013


Life of A Hairstylist

I got my hair shaped today to prep it for a long 52 week growth period. Lynn one of my personal favorite educators at my school was kind enough to make me her masterpiece. It's a great pleasure to be inspired and to also learn from such a fabulous artist as herself.

September 20, 2013

The end is just the beginning.

With only 25 days left of cosmetology school the end is bittersweet. Nine months doesn't seem long at all, but when your enduring a trade where everyday is spent at the same place the days begin to turn into endless tunnels. I worked so hard these past months to become the stylist I am at this moment. There is so much for me to learn and at the same time I can teach others what I've become knowledgeable about. I can say that I'm more then just a stylist now with a pair of sheers, I'm an artist that paints portraits on heads.

And the love kickstarts again

July 13, 2013

Flower Boy


In about three months I will be finished with cosmological school and ready to take on the real world. Words can't explain how humble I am for this new career path and life changing experience I will endure. I'm ready to make the people of this planet fabulous and pretty with these magical hands of mine.


April 14, 2013

Paint me in black

I have to say I am starting to fancy the color black. Hair school pretty much just started a new journey in my life that I'm more then ready to grasp by inhaling ever once of passion I have for this industry.