February 20, 2012

Songs from last night

This month's splurge

I found these rings at a local boutique in my town and instantly fell head over heels for them. The boutique itself is a pretty fashion forward store, that ranges from anything vintage to modern day fashion's. Check out how I wear them only on LOOKBOOK.nu 

Black & White

February 19, 2012

Aztec fever

Purchased this bag from ASOS.com 

A few months ago I was in dire need of an online shopping spree. While I was aimlessly browsing As Seen On Screen (ASOS.com), I came across this Aztec print backpack... of course with my shopping addiction I put this new friend in my closet. Matching shoes please!


Boyhood friends Jordan White and Charlie Browne created such a grown up line. Turning young men into adults, yet still chic and sophisticated at the very most. “The concept of Man vs. Machine drives from the never-ending conflict between man and his or her own creation.” Each collection aims to capture the futuristic essence of youth, rebellion and revolution.
Styles focus on tailored fit, irregular seem construction, and clean lines all while achieving design through simplicity. Each season combines an array of luxurious fabrics with ultramodern inspired silhouettes.
What are some of your inspirations going to be for the spring-summer 2012 collection?
CB- A modern day twist on vintage collegiate style.
What do you think a man should always have with him at all times? 
CB- Condoms!
…and Your thoughts on the future of men’s fashion? 
CB- I wish to see people take more risk in fashion and really look at clothes like a 2nd layer of skin instead of something that hides them from the world.