August 26, 2012

A Wildflower

I tend to sit and think often about life and the mischievous way it has me in a whirlwind of emotions. The world itself is far from having any sanity in it at all, actually it's filled with crazy and outraged humans. With worldly aspects that have taken over, we tend to forget our main purpose of why we are all here on this earth. I tend to look back often and try to puzzle together the pieces of what exactly led me to be where I am today. With fashion consuming my every second it almost blinds me that there are other gems I still have yet to find. People tend to judge me from my appearance instead of seeing the person that lies behind these rags we call "clothing", and yet have no clue what my true story is. My fashion is nothing more then just an illusion of the monster that hides within the skin that is naked. Yes you can say I have nice things, I'm always well put together, and my sophistication tends to get the best of me but that's not all that I am. I was merely planted in the wrong era of this planet Earth, with my taste, class, and status I still have yet to discover more of which is there in front of my eyes. Fashion is my life and I do live by it religiously, but there is more out there then labels and whats on my naked skin. I just want to uproot the wildflower inside me and show Mother Earth what a wild creature I truly am. I may not have been discovered just yet but my time will come, and the world will know my very existence. Leaving you tonight with this; What is reality and what are dreams? Can you distinguish the two? 

You know my name.

 Sweet dreams my fellow bloggers xx

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