January 12, 2013

Article of the week: Fall 2013 Richard Nicoll

Men all over the country jump with fashion orgasms at the thought of this year's 2013 fall collection for designer Richard Nicoll. An 80's sense of class is written all over this line with a dash of present era meets our future. Nicoll was thinking what the underprivileged humans with no fashion can use to make normal clothing into looking as if we are walking socialites.

Nicoll has deemed himself past master at creating urban uniforms, as so wearing his own jumsuites, something was too incorrigible and systematic about his fall 2013 collection. "A paint-splatter pattern that insinuated itself as a new take on camo was called upon to supply the visual interest." Says Tim Blanks for STYLE.com. Having segments of aluminum and hazmat orange shook up the dull flatness of denim blue and urban gray. Nicoll said to STYLE.com that what he wanted was "more of a sense of character," but curiously enough, that was exactly what was missing this time round in this collection.