October 19, 2012


Olivier Rousteing fell under the spell of the Miami lifestyle this year in his 2013 Resort collection. His unique textures and geometric patterns made fashionista's gag at the sight of each model strutting down the catwalk. Rousteing, age 27 defiantly knows how to dress the female species with class and modern day sophistication.

Balmain is more then just a label it's art that happens to lye on the naked skin. The diamond shaped patterns made us gaze into another world somewhat resembling Alice and Wonderland. Olivier called out Cuba as an inspiration to this line backstage at his Balmain fashion show. Gianni Versace also influenced Rousteing bringing inspiration from within. Honestly I don't think there could have been a better "Style God" to seek inspiration from let alone a dead one that lingers in a world which is unknown.

High waist men's trousers with monstrous shoulders draped over the skeleton like bodies of some of the worlds top models (Anja Rubik and Magdalena Frackowiak) making them seem almost invisible with all of the bulk. Rousteing used graphic harlequin prints which was one of his inspirations from Mr. Versace himself and dresses painstakingly created from basket-woven raffia. I think we all smirked having acceptance with the persuasive appeal of a simple skin-baring black leather bandeau and miniskirt.
Fashion is glamour and Balmain is that and more. Femininity will always be a trade mark for women, but that femininity became masculine the very moment Bo Ron stepped on the catwalk at the Balmain show. This powerful and sexy woman he wanted to capture depict women in photo shoots from the nineties that had class and elegance, but stood strong in front of the lens. Every girl deserves Balmain for her closet to complete any outfit because the world is her runway.

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